Our mission is to empower our clients, both business and individual, to manage financial priorities, make the most of new opportunities, and maximize their financial growth. As the world becomes more complex one often has to wear many hats in order to get the job done. Our firm is a year round financial resource for tax, accounting, advisory services, and other special financial services. Our clients are the foundation of our practice. We provide personalized services that are both enjoyable and empowering. We provide timely, high quality services with integrity while assisting our clients in obtaining their maximum financial potential.


"My business has been working with Hogan, Thompson & Associates CPA for over a decade now, and I can honestly say we wouldn't be in the financially sound state we currently enjoy without their skills, knowledge and dedication. They have always kept us ahead of the curve, with no surprises or shocks. Not only have they kept our books immaculate, and all of our reports timely, but they have always taken the time to personally connect with us. I really can't see taking my business elsewhere."

Jefferson Arca
Clocktower Entertainment LLC